The immovable cultural heritage of South Banat

The registry of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments in Pancevo on the South Banat territory (Pancevo, Vrsac, Kovacica, Alibunar, Opovo and Plandiste): contains 124 items of immovable cultural heritage (113 cultural monuments, 3 historically significant areas, 5 archeological sites and 3 cultural sites).

There are 56 categorized items of cultural heritage (eight of them are of outstanding cultural significance, forty-eight are of great cultural significance).

The 8 items of the immovable cultural heritage of outstanding significance consist of 5 cultural monuments, 2 archeological sites and a cultural site. The 48 items of the immovable cultural heritage of great significance consist of 45 cultural monuments, 2 historically significant areas and an archeological site.