The Old Center of Bela Crkva

The spatial and cultural unity in its present form began with the foundation of the city in 1717. The original city was founded at the foot of the hill, with spreading tendency toward the river Nera. The BelaCrkva map drawn in 1737 suggests that. In the 18th century BelaCrkva suffered two Turkish incursions when the city was raided, burnt and its population driven from their homes. A very few buildings remained preserved from that period. The beginning of the 19th century was the period when BelaCrkva began its structural development and its economy development as well. The city got its urban center, and the most deserving for such development were Austrian officers. TheyreconstructedBelaCrkva, which was a part of the military frontier, to resemble any central European city of the day, which was illustrated in BelaCrkva maps made between 1806 and 1868.