The Memorial Complex of Mihajlo Pupin

The Memorial Complex in Idvor consists of Mihajlo Pupin’s home, the Old School, (the elementary school which he attended) and the National Home which is Pupin’s foundation. The Complex gained the status of cultural monument-a memorial center in 1957, and the status of a cultural monument of exceptional significance in 1990.
The house of one of the most eminent physicists is a target of a sort of a pilgrimage. The house was built as a larger type of the Pannonian house otherwise known as ‘the clod house’. Its basis is rectangular, in the street line and its narrow side is facing the street. The street side of the house has one larger room with two windows and a smaller one with one window. The larger room leads to the kitchen which is the center of the house leading into another room which faces the yard. In each of the two larger rooms there is one walled furnace which were fueled from the kitchen and the kitchen was the room with the open chimney. The small room which faces the street leads into the entrance porch with brick pillars. The entire house was made of bricks, plastered and painted. The house is covered with gable roof with simple roof tiles. It has the fronton facing the street typical to the houses in Vojvodina. The house was first restored in 1979, however the reconstruction performed in 2004 gave the house the appearance it has today. Today the house is an ethno-museum. The furniture in it did not precisely belong to Pupin’s parents, but it is authentic for the period of Pupin’s life in the house. The small room facing the street has been adapted to look as a study with several photographs of Mihajlo Pupin.
The Old School building was constructed in 1843. Mihajlo Pupin was educated in that school. It was the school until 1979 when Idvor got a new, modern school building. It is at the edge of the village park in immediate vicinity of the National Home. The building has rectangular basis and its longer side with the entrance is facing the park while the shorter side is facing the IveLoleRibara Street. It is the building made of bricks, it has only a ground floor.


City: Kovacica