The Grammar School ’Uros Predic’ in Pancevo

This cultural monument consists of two buildings: the building of the Grammar School and of the school’s gym. The construction of the school started in 1887 and it was finished in 1888, the following year, when the school’s gym was completed. The school building has a ground floor and the first floor and they are forming three projectingarchitectural units connected lengthwise by the back units. It was built ofbricks with arch structures in the halls and architrave in other premises. The wooden roof construction has decorative corbels. The main front façade is horizontally divided with plinthand cornices above and under the windowsand there is acornice between the ground floor and the first floor which is the most visible one. As far as the style of the building design is concerned, in its basic concept and ornamentation it exhibitsthe elements of classicism. The school’s gym building is rectangular and built of bricks with gableroof; it has simple façade without ornaments.
Aside from architectural value presented in the style features and consistent spatial organization relevant to the purpose of the building, this cultural monument has extraordinary cultural and historical value. It is the first and the only grammar school of the city of Pancevo and it has been one for more than a hundred years, therefore contributing significantly to the development of culture and education in this part of the country. Some of its prominent students were Uros Predic, Mihajlo Pupin and at one point one of its teachers was Milos Crnjanski.

City: Pancevo