The Archeological Site ‘Zidovar’ Near Oresac

‘Zidovar’, a famous prehistoric archeological site, is near the village of Oresac in South Banat, at the east edge of DeliblatoSands. It is on a high and mostly sand plateau above the riverCaras. The plateau is about 40m higher than the valley, with irregular, oval shape and covers the surface of approximately half a hectare. Its remarkable position drew the attention of researchers. It was first mentioned on the topographic map from the early 18th century which was drawn for Prince Eugene of Savoy. It describes the site as ‘Zidovar, the ruins of the ancient settlement’. In the last decades of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century, several Hungarian archeologists visited the ‘Zidovar’ site. The surface clay discoveries classify ‘Zidovar‘site as a Dacian settlement. Felix Milleker, the first South Banat archeologist, adopted that opinion, but he guessed, apparently correctly, that there was a Bronze Age settlement on the Zidovar plateau.

City: Vrsac