The Romanian Orthodox Church in Uzdin

The Romanian Orthodox Church of Saint George in Uzdin was built in 1801. It is a one-narthex construction with elongated rectangular basis, semicircular altar apses on the east side and a steeple on the west side.
It exhibits baroque style with classicist façade ornaments. The church was damaged in the fire in 1850. The fire destroyed the steeple and the wooden roof. The steeple was restored in 1883, and the restoration of the roof was completed a year later. The iconostasis in the church is the work of Konstantin Danil, painted between 1833 and 1836. The iconostasis is done in oil on wood technique. It is an elaborate work of art containing 69 small-sizeicons uncommon in their positions and themes which implies the influence of the 18thcentury icon painting style. Apart from the iconostasis Danil also painted the icons on the Virgin Mary’s and the Archbishop’s thrones, giving this holy place the name of the greatest gallery of Danil’s religious art. It is believed that Jovan Zejku painted the frescoes on the walls and the dome of the church in 1908. This church is unique because it hasbanners painted by AnujkaMaran, a naïve artist in 1940 and 1950. Naïve art has been recognized by the Romanian Orthodox Church and therefore it has its place in the liturgies. St. George Church in Uzdin is one of the most magnificent houses of worship in Vojvodina.

City: Kovacica